Generative artificial intelligence capabilities are as astonishing as they are simple. With the right team in place, you can use various tools to simplify existing processes and quickly generate new ideas. Explore how to get great results from generative AI with a strong partnership of talent and tools with our Marketers Guide to Exceptional AI Content. 

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Generative AI Use Cases


Ad copy
Blog posts
Audio or video scripts
Press releases
Social media posts
Newsletters and emails

Email Marketing

Optimize subject lines
A/B test
Segment audiences
Tailor emails

Search Engine Optimization

Generate meta tags and meta descriptions
Add keywords
Create high-ranking pages

Customer Service

Build chatbots
Deliver personalized responses
Answer conversational questions

Lead Generation

Create target lists
Lead scoring
Lead nurture

Market Research

Research competitors
Write survey questions
Analyze feedback
Summarize results

AI Staffing & Hiring Trends

The AI Tools Glossary


Marketing & Digital


  • DALL-E:produces images from text prompts
  • designs presentations
  • Canva: designs creative assets
  • Khroma: creates color palettes
  • Midjourney: creates images from text prompts
  • AutoDraw: suggests drawings from sketches
  • Scribble Diffusion: creates images from sketches and text prompts
  • Let’s Enhance: fixes low-resolution photos
  • LookaLogo Maker: designs brand identities
  • VisualEyes: tests the design of apps and websites
  • Fontjoy: pairs fonts that fit together
  • Chatfuel: builds chatbots
  • builds chatbots
  • drives digital advertising
  • Headlime: builds landing pages
  • Browse AI: monitors and scrapes websites
  • Algolia: builds search engines
  • automates sales conversations
  • Brand24: monitors social media and news
  • Influencity: identifies the right influencers
  • Uizard: designs wireframes, mockups, andprototypes
  • Galileo: generates UI designs from textprompts
  • Zapier: automates tasks
  • ChatGPT: answers prompts, writes copy and code
  • Jasper AI: writes on-brand marketing copy
  • writes on-brand copy for businesses
  • Surfer SEO: writes SEO-optimized articles
  • Hemingway App: edits writing
  • Grammarly: edits writing