Looking for a Job? Consider Adding Chat GPT and other Generative AI Tools to your Skill Set

It might be time for creatives to make friends with robots—chatbots, to be specific. If you're a creative in the job market, you may want to add ChatGPT to your roster of skills.

The 2023 job market has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride, see-sawing up and down—so it makes sense if you’re looking for a way to gain an edge over your peers. Recent research from ResumeBuilder shows that Chat GPT may be the latest in-demand job skill companies seek when hiring creatives. According to data gathered from a survey of 1,000 American business managers, 90% said that having ChatGPT experience listed on a resume is a plus for jobseekers.

Chat GPT is part of the burgeoning generative AI tech taking the world by storm. A 2022 study by McKinsey found that businesses had doubled their use of AI in the last five years. If that scares you, it may be time to reframe your thinking (though we will get into some of the controversy around this tech a bit later).

Generative AI can augment the capability of workers by doing tedious tasks that would otherwise take up time, freeing one up to do work that is more creative or conceptual. You are still in charge, you just have more freedom to dream, think big, and create.

Nearly half (49%) of the companies surveyed by ResumeBuilder already use ChatGPT to draft meeting summaries, write code, create content, or assist with customer support. Of the companies surveyed that are not yet on the generative AI bus, 30% plan to start using it, and a whopping 85% will begin within the next six months.

One way to look at this new tech is that it’s the same as other in-demand skills, like PowerPoint, and candidates familiar with this emerging field will have a leg up on those not yet comfortable using the latest tech tools. Generative AI will continue to entrench itself into the fabric of our professional (and personal) lives, making it an increasingly important skill. Layering knowledge of generative AI into your arsenal of creative skills will help you stand out today.

Since its launch in late 2022, ChatGPT and other generative AI technologies have swept the tech world by storm. Companies like Microsoft and Canva have incorporated this type of AI into their products, opening new possibilities. But this new technology has also raised some concerns for creatives that their expertise may become obsolete with the rise of these new tools.

48% of the business managers surveyed by ResumeBuilder shared that ChatGPT has already replaced workers. With companies like Canva augmenting their creative AI offerings, job displacement is a fear for designers as these new AI design tools proliferate. There is growing concern that some creative jobs may become increasingly automated and that the threat of decreased creativity looms for those still employed.

So, what can designers and creatives do to protect themselves from the potential challenges of generative AI?

One way to stay ahead is to master this new tech and use that knowledge as a differentiating skill on your resume. Staying ahead of the curve and keeping current with emerging developments in the AI space, particularly as they relate to design and creative endeavors, will allow you to grow your skills and expertise and figure out how to leverage this tech to work for you.

Hiring managers want to see what you can accomplish using this new tech—so play around and create a small trove of work generated with ChatGPT and other generative AI tools. Employers want to see that you are on the vanguard of what’s new and are excited to explore what’s possible with new tech—which is valuable no matter your industry.

If you want to enhance your Chat GPT and generative AI skills, there are various training and certification courses available online from Coursera and other e-learning platforms.



Learning to use Chat GPT and generative AI may offer you a smart competitive edge over your peers. Consider staying ahead of the curve and positioning yourself as an early adopter of new tech to ensure you can be noticed and succeed in this dawning age of AI.