Why Creative Circle

We listen to what you need and provide solutions that work as hard as you do.

Our strength comes from our talent community, and our power lies in leveraging this network to provide flexible custom solutions for our clients — from Fortune 500 companies to boutique agencies and budding startups.

We match candidates based on skills, not just job titles, and we personally meet with each person to get to know their background and abilities better. You can find our offices in more than 30 cities in the US and Canada.

Our job is to make your job easier, whether you’re hiring, building a team, or searching for your next role. Together, we can solve your biggest challenges.

How we work

  • We build relationships

    We truly take the time to get to know you and your needs. Whether it’s a new team member or a new gig — we make sure it’s the right fit.

  • We support creativity

    We understand the creative mindset and freelance lifestyle. That translates into a deep-seated commitment to do what we can to help you live your most creative life — conference call doodling and all.

  • We adapt and evolve

    As your business needs evolve — so do we. No matter what happens on your end, you can count on us to be there with you.

  • Work with integrity and authenticity

    We take your job seriously — and we know you're counting on us to do our job well. We’ve built our business on listening to our clients and candidates, and delivering with an eye to your vision and mission.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

We are committed to building an inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued and heard. Workplace diversity is a way of life and a crucial part of our business, as well as our clients’ businesses. We are dedicated to approaching our DEI efforts with awareness, action, and accountability.

Our vision is clear: To champion the diverse perspectives, voices, and values of our communities by being fiercely anti-prejudice, being openly supportive of marginalized communities across the entire ism-spectrum, and showing our uncompromising dedication and unwavering responsibility to equity and inclusion.


By mobilizing actionable behaviors, we will create equitable opportunities for our employees, clients, and candidates, and declare true representation and advocacy for creatives and the businesses that value them.

We know that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to improving workplace diversity. While we have – and will continue to improve – our own DEI practices, we also understand that there are many ways to achieve a more inclusive and diverse work environment, and that there is much more work to be done. We look forward to building a better workplace, together.

We keep up with the demands of the creative world

To our clients: We get it. You’ve got tight deadlines and high expectations. That’s why it’s our job to fully vet your needs so we can match you with the most suitable candidates. To get started, tell us what your project needs are.

To our candidates: Major props. We know what it takes to get to your level, so you can count us to get you noticed by the right hiring managers. We want you to succeed — at the right job, with a culture and vision that aligns with yours. Register for available jobs alerts.