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Job details are subject to change, e.g., on-site vs. off-site, as we follow the guidance of the CDC, WHO, CPHA, and government officials. The roles listed above are currently remote unless otherwise specified. For reference here is our Health and Safety guidance. Contact us if you have questions. Be well and stay safe.

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  • One Employer, One Timecard

    As a W-2 employee, you're on our payroll, which means a uniform timecard and a farewell to 1099 forms and freelance taxes. Let us deal with the paperwork so you don't have to.

  • Paid Weekly

    Getting paid as a freelancer through Creative Circle is worry-free. You track your hours in our timecard system and are paid weekly.

  • A Collaboration

    Make your solo project a collaboration and add the 250+ members of the Creative Circle staff to your team. Instead of digging for resources and job openings, you'll have your local office to help you polish your portfolio, introduce you to clients, and negotiate the best offer.

  • Health, Dental, & Vision

    Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) medical plan and Dental, Vision, and Term Life Package is offered to all candidates enrolling within 30 days of hire. Minimum Value (MV) medical plan offered to those who qualify under the Affordable Care Act.

  • Paid Holidays & Sick Leave

    Depending on the hours you work and your location, you're eligible for paid holidays and sick leave.

  • Retirement

    Creative Circle offers a 401(k) plan to freelance employees. Upon hire, you are eligible to contribute to the plan immediately. Shortly after your date of hire, you will receive detailed plan and enrollment information.


We have 100+ pages of job search insight straight from our recruiting, management, and senior creative teams available for you. Make sure your profile is up-to-date when you’re applying so you can be the strongest possible version of yourself.


First things first, register! Then start browsing available jobs on our Talent page or in our Job Alert emails. When you see an opportunity you feel you would be the perfect fit for, simply apply on the Job Details page or respond to the email. Your application will go straight to the recruiter working on that role. The Recruiting Team will review your information and will be in touch to schedule an interview, if they feel you are qualified and placeable.

If you need some help with your resume or portfolio, be sure to check out our Resource Guides before applying.

We take cyber security and your personal information very seriously. Please read our Cyber Security Guidelines to learn more.

The jobs you receive in our Job Alert emails are categorized by the job class you selected when  you first registered. If your needs have changed, please contact your local office and let them know your job class needs to be updated in our system.

Thanks for checking in with us! Whenever you need to change part of your profile with us, just contact your local office and let them know your information needs to be updated in our system.

If you’re responding to postings and not hearing back from recruiters, know that there are many variables that can factor in after you apply. The client may have changed the job specs or even canceled it altogether. There may have been another candidate whose background more closely matched the positions. It’s nothing personal, we promise. Don’t get discouraged. We post new jobs every day, so keep responding to the positions you’re a match for. In the meantime, you may be interested in visiting Our Notebook, a selection of articles and tips for job-seekers like you.

Once you’ve applied, our recruiters will review your application along with your resume and/or work sample. If they believe you’re a match for what our client wants, a recruiter will reach out to schedule an interview. In the meantime, review our Resource Guides to make sure your resume and portfolio are at their best.

Be yourself. Authenticity is key and we want to get to know you, so let your personality shine through. This will help us understand your needs, goals, and style, which will help us more effectively present you to our clients. We have also compiled 150+ articles on Our Notebook to help you within your job search and creative career. Be sure to bookmark the link for new tips and tricks every week!