A List of Mental Health Resources for Black Candidates and Creatives

George Floyd. Breonna TaylorAhmaud ArberyChristian Cooper.

Conversations and imagery surrounding police brutality and Black suffering may be prevalent now, but the attention to the matter is long overdue. While this is a step toward a more equitable future in this nation, this emotional conversation can be exhausting, traumatic, triggering, and distressing.

Creative Circle’s Employee Assistance Program, provided by UnitedHealthcare and Optum, is open to all of our candidates and includes a free 24/7 emotional support line (866-342-6892), staffed by professionally-trained mental health experts.

We’ve also gathered mental health and self-care resources to support our Black candidates and the Black creative community during this time, and moving forward.

Apps, Podcasts, Websites

Publications, Articles, Toolkits

Therapist Directories

Ways to Connect With Other Black People

Here are a few of the many groups out there that facilitate connections and conversations with other Black people: