Types of problems we solve:

  • Video editing 
  • Animation 
  • Motion graphics 
  • Digital photography 
  • Production
  • Post-production 
  • Presentation design 
  • Art direction

How we recently helped a client

Client revamped their digital portal and needed to educate their audience
Drawing of a hand helping a person up steps.

A major industry advocacy group had invested in a series of digital optimizations — but their members and internal teams were not clear how to use the new tools. Our client came to us for a visual solution that would make navigating this new system simpler. The goal was twofold: educate members on the incredible information they now had access to and teach them how to use it.


We put a team together to design a system that would be easy to follow: a series of instructional video tutorials. Our motion graphics and video specialists produced and edited the videos — curating the project from ideation to final deliverable.


The Creative Circle team wrote the scripts, storyboarded the videos, created the motion graphics, directed professional voice-over artists, and did the video editing. The final videos proved highly effective —uptake by both members and internal teams was far greater than expected. The client invited the team to stay on to implement more learning tools for the organization.