Working from Home Seems Like the Ultimate Perk, But Is It?

Have you ever dreamed about waking up and walking a few steps over to your office chair to begin your workday? Working from home is increasingly becoming the norm these days as a perk that most job seekers covet and as a way for businesses to save on office expenses. Most people love the idea of not having to report to an office every day, but while it may come as a surprise, there are also some who do not. There are many things to consider before deciding what type of work environment suits you. The following is a list of advantages and disadvantages of working at home vs. working in an office-type setting.


The first advantage of working from home is the financial savings. The money you will save on gas alone driving to and from work can add up. Depending on the city you live in, you may be able to go without a car altogether, which can save you thousands per year in insurance, repairs, parking and annual fees.

In addition, there is no need to dress up or look presentable every day. When you don’t have to go through everything it takes to get ready and then drive to work, you have more time for sleep and may feel more energized throughout the day.

The best part of working from home is the fact that you are in 100% control of your environment. Being in the comfort of your own home offers a very relaxed, stress-free atmosphere, which can lead to a more productive day.


However, as mentioned earlier, there are some who may not like working from home. For people who enjoy the company of others, working at home alone takes away from daily social interactions. The atmosphere an office provides encourages human contact, even if just to bounce ideas off a co-worker.

In addition, some people are not self-disciplined enough to stay productive at home. They work best when they are under supervision to keep them motivated throughout the day. Think about what will be tempting or distracting you from doing your work if you are at home: a TV to watch, a bed to sleep in, a gaming console or just plain good weather to go out and enjoy. These become very tough to pass up when you are having a bad day or simply don’t feel self-motivated.

Tips to Successfully Work From Home

If you decide working from home is for you, then a little structure and strategy can go a long way.

  1. Create a routine that you enjoy and stick with it if it works.
  2. Create a workspace that allows you to be efficient. You have no rules on how you design your workspace, so ensure that you create it exactly how you want it.
  3. Stay in constant communication with coworkers via online platforms. This will allow you to stay involved, be productive and feel like you are a part of the team.
  4. If staying inside your home office everyday can start to become dull, work from the coffee shop on the corner a few times a week – getting dressed and going somewhere else for a few hours a day can do wonders when you start to fall into that slump.
  5. If you can’t jump into working from home every day, see if your company will let you start with one or two days a week and then move up from there.

Only you can decide if working in the office or working remotely is the right fit for you. Consider all angles before deciding which direction to go. You may eventually get the opportunity to pick one type of environment over the other, or enjoy a mix of both. Individuals can be equally successful in office or remotely; it is just about finding the one that best fits your needs.

Krista is a Creative Circle candidate, creative writer and content creator in Los Angeles. Her background includes news, marketing, copywriting and editing. If you are interested in working with Krista, please contact Creative Circle LA.