Meet Creative Circle Freelancer Kitty Snyder

But in retrospect, it's all been under the same sunlit surface: storytelling. 

From Kitty Snyder, designer and writer:

I was once a purposeful but meandering fish with varying sea changes, as the currents carried me over time: as the daughter of a successful Fisher Price toy designer, then as a young English grad and songwriter, then as a longtime commercial and video producer, and now as a professional designer and copywriter. But in retrospect, it’s all been under the same sunlit surface: storytelling. 

After a solo trip to Italy just weeks before the pandemic, I returned invigorated and wanting to tell stories even more deeply. I realized that as an empath, the practice of UX/UI is a natural fit in my career. I find my happiest work is with projects that make a difference: mental health issues, DEI, environmental issues. I also believe we can find purpose in just about anything; we just have to dig profoundly and breathe life into it.

What is my ideal project? One whereby we discover your unique story together, and I help bring your brand and journey to life. Web design, branding, presentation decks, blogs, marketing design, copywriting/editing; anything using captivating imagery and words. And with my background in producing, I pride myself in being a great communicator during each project.

Thank you, Creative Circle; it’s an honor to be on your roster!