3 Things to Do If You’re Looking for a New Job

Starting a new job is a big commitment, so it’s important to think about a few things before you start looking. Many people get to the point where they’re tired of their job and jump ship, but you don’t want to rush out of your current position to get into a situation that’s just as bad, or possibly worse. If you’re thinking about taking that leap, consider the following steps:

1. Find out if you can make a move within your current company first.

If you’re currently working and unhappy with what you’re doing, start looking into different departments. Companies like to keep employees who already understand the culture and who they know can perform well. You might be surprised to find that certain jobs may be becoming available, or the company could even be willing to create a new position for you to apply for. If you want to switch departments, start the dialogue with your manager. They want to see you succeed and can help you get the tools and necessary training to cross departments. It is also a good idea to talk to the lead in the department you are interested in and/or an HR manager because they often have the most pull in who gets hired.

2. Learn more about the company.

When you’re searching for jobs, differentiating one good company from the next can be difficult. To save yourself the headache, go to review sites like Glassdoor to check out what actual employees are saying about the company first. Checking out these sites before applying will let you know what people do and don’t like about the company. It also helps you get a sense of the culture so you can figure out if it’s a place you can see yourself fitting in at. And it’s very helpful once you get an interview because people will tell you what types of questions to expect and the questions they were asked.

3. Make sure the opportunity aligns with your career goals.

Are you making a lateral career move just because you’re anxious to get a new job? You may not like how the company has changed, or you may just be sick of the daily grind, but leaving a company to make a lateral move is not beneficial. It’s smarter to move up with each new position and not fall into the trap of “job hopping” just to keep moving up.

Success is all about dedication and determination, and there’ll be jobs that will become your stepping stones to get you where you want to be. You always want to make sure any job you take aligns with how you envision your future and what you ultimately want for a career. If your current or new job really isn’t getting you closer to your end goal, then you aren’t taking the necessary steps. No matter what, you need to make sure you put in the time, and soon the opportunities you are looking for will arise.

Krista is a Creative Circle candidate, creative writer and content creator in Los Angeles. Her background includes news, marketing, copywriting and editing. If you are interested in working with Krista, please contact Creative Circle LA.