Authenticity at Work: My Thoughts During Pride Month

David Allen is a recruiter out of Chicago and a member of Creative Circle’s Prism Employee Resource Group. Prism is Creative Circle’s LGBTQ+ ERG, working to cultivate an inclusive community that provides both safe space and support for the Creative Circle community. Just as a natural prism can be used to see all the wavelengths and colors of visible light, the mission of Prism is to help us see each other’s differences, in a holistic way that positively recognizes each one of us for who we are.

When I decided to write a little something for Pride month this year, my mind started racing.

I wanted to write an inspiring, thought-provoking piece about how living your true authentic life can bring about productivity, make you a better citizen and human, etc.

I thought about writing an ode to the first openly out and proud manager I worked for, and how he helped lead me to the practice of respectfully sharing my truth in a world filled with conflict and hate.

I thought to write an exposé on Rainbow Capitalism, but who would try and top Alessandra’s amazing piece from last year?

I kept writing paragraphs of fluff until I scrapped all those ideas and asked myself: If I had one chance to connect with my fellow Circlers and share how I feel during this Pride month, what would I want to express?

One emotion kept visiting me again and again – Gratitude.

Thank you.

Thank you to all those out there who allow others to be their true selves.

Thank you to the folks that wake up every day and decide to show up with empathy and humility.

Thank you to all that allow me to be as sassy and silly as I can be while getting my work done.

Not all LGBTQ+ folks are as privileged as I am to work in a place that celebrates diversity the way Creative Circle does.

Is there work to be done? Absolutely. But in less than the year that I’ve been here, I have seen such great reception and encouragement from everyone on our team. Allowing others to show up as themselves is such powerful support, and if you think it isn’t appreciated, I’m writing to tell you it is.


About the author. 

David Allen is a Recruitment Coordinator from Chicago and is a member of the PRISM and Leading Green ERGs. He has a passion for equality, diversity, and inclusion, which is what brought him to Creative Circle in the first place! He enjoys yoga and painting, and just welcomed a new nephew, Logan, to the family.