18+ Hours of Music to Pump You Up and Get You Through the Day

By Alessandra Calderin

If you’ve needed some help getting motivated, focused and confident, you are not alone. With “normal” becoming non-existent and the very fabric of our realities shifting like grains of sand in a storm, it’s hard enough just putting on pants (not that you need to, I full endorse pantsless work days).

Dear reader, I’ve curated two extremely lengthy playlists for your aural delight with hours of tunes to get you through the days and weeks ahead. An eclectic mix, you’ll find everything from Taylor Swift to Eminem to Dolly Parton to AC/DC to plenty of weird electronic you probably haven’t heard of.

Here are your two comprehensive collections:

quaran-carpe diem:

seize the day regardless of circumstances

Opening with a few bangers and then smoothing out to interplay with a lot of focus friendly electronic, this 8+ hour playlist can carry you through the entire workday — and remind you to actually stop at the end.

you are a hydrated, qualified, and prepared beast:

confidence boosting jams for presentations, meetings, and interviews

With nearly 6 hours of confidence boosting anthems and fight songs, you’ll be ready to take on anything and anyone. Use it to prepare for virtual interviews and meetings, to crush your at-home workout, or just epically wash your hands for the recommended 20 seconds.

About the author.
Alessandra is the mentor, educator, and writer behind Boneseed, a private practice devoted to deep self-inquiry through a range of physical, energetic, and mental modalities. She has over 500 hours of yoga, mentorship, and facilitation training and can be found slinging knowledge on her website, newsletter, and @bone.seed