3 Productivity Tips for When You’re Interviewing Candidates

In the same way people say that “finding a job is a full-time job in itself,” looking for the right hire and interviewing candidates can also be like a full-time job. Here are some quick-and-dirty productivity tips to make the early part of your hiring process as efficient as possible.

1. When in doubt, schedule it out

When it comes to interviewing, blocking out time on your calendar to not only complete your work, but to also review applications and meet with candidates, will encourage you to organize your time and not feel as affected by the interview process.

Even though it seems like a simple act, so many of us don’t take our own time seriously enough to block it off on our calendars.

2. Get to know your candidates before you even meet them

To maximize your time meeting with candidates, read through their resumes, look at their LinkedIn profiles, and review any provided links (social media, portfolio, etc.) before you meet with them. Bring focus to the interview by making notes on their resumes with the types of things you want to know about their experience and what their soft skills are.

Not only will your questions lead to more insightful answers, but the process of having done your research will allow you to fairly evaluate the candidate’s preparedness and fit for the upcoming role.

3. Set an interview timeline

Interviewing your stack of candidates in batches is ideal. Depending on additional internal resources and your own workload, giving yourself a set time in which to meet with your candidates will not only allow you to manage the expectations of your candidates upfront, but it will also hold you accountable as you move things forward within a manageable amount of time.

Keeping interview days down to 2-3 days a week rather than trying to get it all done too quickly will keep you engaged with your potential hires. If you take too much time to let any candidate know the status of your interviewing process, you risk losing quality talent altogether.

Finding the perfect candidate can take time when you’re looking for a quality fit. Let us know in the comments section any other timesaving tricks for interviewing candidates you’ve learned along the way!

Annie is a Creative Circle candidate and freelance creative strategist/copywriter working and living in Los Angeles. She knows digital media as well as she knows her own horoscope (she’s a Virgo), having worked at the likes of BuzzFeed and Mashable. She has created branded content strategies for the top Fortune 500 brands, which means she knows the true meaning of “going native.” If you want to work with Annie, contact Creative Circle Los Angeles.