Portfolio 101: The Basics

Hear straight from the source what recruiters, employers, and other creatives look for in a successful portfolio in this #livecreativechat recap.

#LiveCreativeChat Recap

It’s easy to say you’re an out-of-the-box visual thinker or a witty tagline machine, but the only way to show what you’ve got is through your work. Enter: the portfolio. Instead of listing your experiences on a boring sheet of paper like an average resume, embrace the portfolio as a chance to advertise not only what you’re capable of, but what it means to #livecreative. Both you and your future employer will appreciate it.

We turned straight to the source for what recruiters, employers, and other creatives look for in a successful portfolio in our monthly #LiveCreativeChat on Wednesday, April 19. Check out the highlights below on what makes your portfolio a representation of who you are and what you have to offer. Also be sure to check out our Portfolio Guide for more resources.


4-19-17 Live Creative Chat Q1

Your portfolio should be a compilation of your best and most recent work. Make your portfolio a reflection of who you are as an individual by showcasing your most unique and creative pieces.


4-19-17 Live Creative Chat Q2

After selecting what to show in your portfolio, stay cohesive – make it look like a complete family of design work. Your portfolio is a chance to express your creative aesthetic and your passions.


4-19-17 Live Creative Chat Q3

Your portfolio should be updated as you start to take on new projects that you want to showcase. Interested in learning secrets to a successful portfolio? Download our Portfolio Guide here.


4-19-17 Live Creative Chat Q4

The most important elements in a portfolio are variety, unity, showing your best work, and personal branding. In terms of variety, you want a collection of exceptional work that captures the range of your skill set. To focus on unity, make sure your presentation method flows nicely and that the pieces complement each other. Showcase your best work because your portfolio is only as strong as your weakest piece, and make sure your portfolio reflects your personal brand: the essence of your work and you as an individual.


4-19-17 Live Creative Chat Q5

Shine a light on your critical thinking skills by succinctly breaking down each project from start to finish. Showcasing your design process and the ideas you brainstormed for a client can help show your problem-solving capacity.


4-19-17 Live Creative Chat Q6


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Want to hear more about building your portfolio? Download our full Portfolio Guide here.