Myths About Social Media Professionals

Behind some of your favorite memes, tweets, and stories sits a social media professional! Let's debunk some myths working in social media.

1. Social media is the intern’s job

Working in social requires brand intimacy, strategy, implementation, and content analysis. Also, one slip-up could cause a whirlwind of negative attention for the company — it’s not the role to give the most junior person on the team.

2. Social media professionals are also social media influencers

Building a popular personal account will not necessarily make you a qualified social media professional. Your personal account, good or bad, is not a reflection of your professional skill.

3. We’re not Emily in Paris

Unfortunately, our days are not spent taking random pictures, going to posh parties, or dating French chefs. We’re most likely analyzing data or creating a strategy and content.

4. A post must be viral to be successful

Success depends on your strategic goals. Non-viral posts can be just as, if not more, successful than viral ones.

5. Followers>engagement

Followers mean nothing if no one is engaging. Ever seen those accounts with 17k followers, but 32 likes and 0 comments?