10 Websites To Learn New Things For Free

You no longer need to pay big bucks, commute to a crowded classroom or sit through long lectures to expand your knowledge, learn a new skill or advance in your career. Save your hard earned cash for gifts for your family and friends, fun activities, or maybe even a vacation, all while continuing to feed your intellectual well-being through online education.

Check out some of our favorite websites below that allow you to learn new things for free.


Highbrow is an email subscription service that brings bite-sized courses to your inbox on a daily basis. Courses are 10 days long and lessons are 5 minutes or less.
Topics include: art, business, health, history, languages, nature, philosophy, productivity, psychology, science, technology, travel

Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp teaches you how to code while helping nonprofits at the same time. Win win!!!
Topics include: computer programming


Lifehack is an excellent lifestyle blog that helps improve all aspects of your life.
Topics include: work, technology, money, communication, productivity, lifestyle


Guides is one of the largest collections of online resources that allows you to organize and share information while continuing to learn about new things through simple and beautifully designed guides.
Topics include: wide variety of topics with ability to search by interest


w3schools teaches you computer programming through numerous web tutorials, definitions, references and examples. You can also test your code for accuracy before going live!
Topics include: computer programming


TED-Ed is a collaboration of animated educational videos that are fun to view and easy to share. All videos are 10 minutes or less to watch!
Topics include: wide variety of topics with ability to search by interest

TED Talks

TED Talks are short talks given by outstanding professionals from all over the world devoted to sharing ideas.
Topics include: technology, entertainment, design

Free Management Library

The Free Management Library provides a collection of online articles and resources to help your professional and personal development.
Topics include: wide variety of topics including but not limited to career development, e-commerce, employee benefits, project management, time management, work life balance, etc.


Codecademy is a hands on website that allows you to learn how to code by doing instead of studying. Learn a variety of programming languages including HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, and more!
Topics include: computer programming


Lynda offers a 10-day free trial which allows access to thousands of courses on a variety of topics.
Topics include: software development, design, web development, business, photography

Studies have shown that continuous learning is a fundamental key to success and happiness. Ring in the new year with new knowledge and perhaps a new routine! Happy learning!

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