6 Ways to Prepare for an Interview Like a Boss

One of the things that never goes unnoticed in an interview is when a candidate is prepared each step of the way. If you want to blow your future boss out of the water, make sure things go as seamlessly as possible and follow our interview prep steps:

1. Review the job description.

This should seem like a no brainer, but you’ll want to review the position you’re applying for. Be sure to take note of the key components to the description that you think your experience speaks to so you can bring it up in discussion.

2. Do your homework.

This is another seemingly no-brainer, but you’d be surprised. Before going to an interview, you should know as much as possible about the company and team you’re interviewing with. Know the size, the industry, and the recent newsworthy happenings. With Google and LinkedIn at your fingertips, there is no excuse for not knowing the latest news.

3. Get your elevator pitch down.

Whether or not you’ll have the opportunity to give someone your 30 second pitch on what it is that you do, practice it! Look at your resume and think about your career thus far. What have you done? Where are you going? You should be able to summarize this in an engaging, succinct way. Knowing how to do it is a great way to prepare yourself for an interview.

4. Bring your resume.

Whether or not you emailed your contact with your resume first, always bring a few, freshly printed clean copies. If things go well, you may be introduced to another person. It also helps to have a copy of your resume to look along at while the interviewer is looking at his/her copy. We recommend that you print your paper on standard resume paper, which is typically heavier than normal paper and can be found at most paper supply store. Bring 3-4 copies to be safe.
*It doesn’t matter if this is a 1st round or 3rd round interview. Always bring your resume!

5. Don’t forget your portfolio.

As with your resume, you’ll want to be prepared to show your work if you’ve got it. If you’re a designer or copywriter, bring your laptop or tablet to show your work. DO ask beforehand whether or not Wi-Fi will be available to demonstrate that you’ll be prepared. But do NOT rely on Wi-Fi. Download everything so there will be no technical hiccups when you’re presenting your work.

6. Follow up.

Just because you walk out the door, doesn’t mean the interview is over. More often than not, an interviewer will be paying attention to whether or not you follow up. Always make sure to send a thank you note. We recommend going the extra mile and even if you are able to send an email, take the extra step, buy a stamp, and send a good ol’ fashioned thank you note.

Allison is a former Creative Circle Account Executive, with a background in creative writing, content writing/strategy, publishing, and business development. Her world revolves around words and the relationships and interactions they inspire. Allison is now the Content Specialist at Raizlabs, a design and development firm in Boston and San Francisco.


    Good advice, thanks for the reminders.

    Richard Ford Jr says:

    Thank you for those mentions & tips. Even though they are ‘no-brainer’ tips too many people, it is always good to re-read them so that they become common knowledge to ourselves. I thank you again…

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