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Freelancers may have an unconventional education, listing certificate programs in order to build on a particular skill set or trade. Note: the interview is an excellent opportunity to ask how he/she has augmented his/her craft through continuing education, classes, etc.


College or Certificate, Date
Degree or courses in related field

Skill sets will depend on the candidate and his/her specialty, so take note: Are the skills listed relevant to the specific position? If so, this person is showing attention to detail by tailoring their resume for your open role.


Adobe Creative Suite
Google Analytics

Look for recognition from -- or affiliations with -- well-known organizations. For creative, digital, marketing types, here are some of the top awards and organizations: ADDY, Adobe, AIGA, AMA, Cannes Lion, Clio, D&AD, Emmy and Webby. What shouldn’t be in this section? Unrelated hobbies.


Awards and recognitions
Software proficiencies

A good resume utilizes white space; has a typographic hierarchy; shows creativity and personal branding; avoids distracting layouts, fonts, colors. Remember, a resume is only a snap shot of a candidate’s experience and does not tell the whole story. Portfolios and additional work samples help flesh out a candidate’s career journey.
If a skill set is missing or you’re curious to know more about a detail mentioned in a candidate’s resume, just ask the recruiter you’re working with to help clarify. If you’re not working with a recruiter, simply ask the candidate to elaborate.


The resume should be well designed and easy to read. It should clearly sell the candidate’s skills and highlight achievements, while including relevant keywords. Important details take priority, followed by information that helps tell their story.

It’s imperative not to focus on job titles, but to look at the specific duties, the impact of the work, and – if the candidate is a creative (design, copy or digital) – their portfolio should also be reviewed.


Directly relevant position

Results and impact are listed in clear bullet points
Uses metrics, stats and figures to illustrate performance

Look for progression and growth (not necessarily in the job title!), but in skills, duties, responsibilities and overall impact.

Relevant position

Responsibilities show a natural and upward progression in career path
Description is customized to suit the prospective position or company

Freelancers often jump from project to project, so don’t be alarmed if you see a series of two-to-three week gigs or four-to-five month assignments. Also, note that some projects and assignments might interlap; freelancers’ resumes may not have a neat and organized time progression, resembling more a series of trampolines than a ladder.

Freelance position

Includes a list of clients, titles and timespan of work
Look at the type of projects, as an indicator of work ethic and experience