Most Requested Package Solutions:

Virtual Event

  • Sourcing trained facilitators and/or technical producers
  • Event strategy and planning (including tech acquisition and readiness)
  • Pre-production and production teams
  • Post-production (attendance and engagement analytics)

Social Media

  • Comprehensive social audit
  • Campaign planning
  • Social calendar
  • Roadmap for follower growth
  • Back-end performance analytics
  • 50+ social posts (with image and text assets) across all major social platforms
  • Roadmap for follower growth & back-end performance analytics

Retail Experience

  • Virtual In-store Customer Experience Planning
  • Black Friday Event Planning
  • Creative Ideation and Execution

Education Communication

  • Design and copy for ongoing email communications, including bilingual services
  • Video creation and editing for virtual events
  • Website and social media strategy
  • PR and comms SMEs for health & safety messaging

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