#LiveCreativeChat Recap

Summertime is the ultimate test of work/life balance. How do you get out and enjoy life in the sun without neglecting work? Well, maybe it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Instead of hoping to maintain the status quo while you have fun, use your summer activities to make your creative work that much stronger. Get inspired from what our creatives had to say in this month’s #LiveCreativeChat and take advantage of the daylight to have fun and get stuff done.

Summer Activities That Fuel Your Creativity - Q1

For us, staying active outdoors energizes us and keeps the creative juices flowing. Take it on the road, and by the time you get back from a long weekend (or week) of traveling, you’ll be feeling creative and curious.


Summer Activities That Fuel Your Creativity - Q2

Our DIY projects went digital with Instagram takeovers from a few of our creatives. We’ve got a few other projects underway, too. Want a hint? Keep checking Our Notebook


Summer Activities That Fuel Your Creativity - Q3

During the work week, we’re taking our lunches outside and giving ourselves a chance to detach from our screens. Try it! In August, though, we’re planning on soaking up the daylight with our friends @CC_Chicago at Lollapalooza! Sunscreen, anyone?


Summer Activities That Fuel Your Creativity - Q4

Our New York team got a fresh start with a new office, while the Chicago team satisfied their creative appetites at Taste of Chicago! As for us, we think this Live Creative Summer Series is a good one to check off our list! Would you agree?


Summer Activities That Fuel Your Creativity - Q5

Creative reading cures creative blocks. Our favorite reads are on Our Notebook — we love our freelance writers!
That being said, it’s summertime! Get time off your screens and go for a walk around your neighborhood — creativity is everywhere.

We mean it, go on and embrace the summer while it’s still here! Follow us @Creative_Circle for updates, and keep living creative!