Resume 101: The Basics

#LiveCreativeChat Recap

It’s hard to cram your life story into an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper – especially as a creative. How can you possibly fit everything you’ve learned, all your thoughts and drafts and successes, into a professional and appropriately sized white space?

With our co-host, Artrepreneur, we tackled these and other big questions on making and perfecting that elusive creative resume in our monthly #livecreativechat. Learn how to turn that piece of paper into the story YOU want to tell by checking out our Resume Guide and the highlights below:

LiveCreativeChat - Resume 101 - Q1

Creatives are visual thinkers, so an infographic resume answers a lot of questions you can’t with a written one. Check out the Creative Circle blog for tips on incorporating infographics into your application.

If you’re looking for more resources, be sure to download our mini resource guide on Resume Secrets to Success


LiveCreativeChat - Resume 101 - Q2

A resume should show your progression as a creative and tell the story of where you want to go. Readability should be your number one priority in tailoring your resume, so be sure to focus on a natural flow of ideas and quality typography.

Learn more tips and tricks to a good resume, or download our Resume Guide.


LiveCreativeChat - Resume 101 - Q3

Including links to your portfolio or a current project is the perfect way to showcase yourself through a resume – just be sure your work is up to date and relevant to the job you’re applying for. If you need a way to get started, LinkedIn lets you export your information into a professional-looking resume in PDF form.


LiveCreativeChat - Resume 101 - Q4

Add a personal touch to your resume by including your past experiences and the unique possibilities you’re able to offer to the reader. Check out how you can use your resume to begin a conversation.

To download our mini resource guide on Resume Secrets to Success, click here


LiveCreativeChat - Resume 101 - Q4

Many companies are using websites like Indeed, Linkedin, CareerBuilder, and Monster to find resumes. Go the extra mile and connect directly with hiring managers through thoughtful, personalized emails with your resume attached.

To download our mini resource guide on ways to Get in the Know, click here.


LiveCreativeChat - Resume 101 - Q6


Take time to make sure your resume is always up to date and have it saved in a place where you can easily access it – you never know when or where that next opportunity will strike.

Check out our full Resume Guide and see how your resume stands up.