Personal Branding 101: Digital Mindfulness

#LiveCreativeChat Recap

If you’re a creative, then what you offer is a product. And we’re not just talking about the product of your work, but the caliber of it, the unique approach you take in everything you do. Just like Apple and Microsoft have different approaches to computers, so do you have a unique approach compared to other creatives in your field. In order to give employers a sense of what that unique approach is, you need a consistent and specific message that follows you wherever you go: your personal brand.

In this edition of our monthly #livecreativechat, we turn to Twitter to learn more about how everyday creatives are branding themselves and how to make that brand even stronger. Check out the highlights below!


Personal Branding Q1

To start, understand your audience and determine which social media platforms they use the most. If you have a lot of options, keep in mind that you don’t need to be on every social media platform! Really zero in on developing your personal brand through the mediums which benefit your brand the most.


Personal Branding Q2

Think about how you want to be perceived in general and which parts of your personal and professional life reflect that. Remember to show the real you as much as possible by molding your professional brand to who you are personally. It’s easier to keep consistent if you’re always being yourself!


Personal Branding Q3

Identify your unique traits/strengths and figure out how to portray it on your social media platforms. Let people know who you are and what you stand for! If you’re looking for more resources on professionally showcasing the authentic you, check out this article.


Personal Branding Q4

Start by thinking about the key elements you want people to associate your brand with. From there, branch out to finding the staple features that represent you and those qualities. Keep consistent on all social media platforms to make you easily identifiable to the audience.


Personal Branding Q5

Our favorite personal brands are those that stay authentic to who they are personally. Being honest can be vulnerable, but taking that risk is what sets you apart!


Once you have a clear sense of identity, every piece of self-promotion – whether it’s your resume, portfolio, or LinkedIn – will be that much easier to make. When you have a target you’re trying to hit, it’s easier to aim!

Be sure to check out our next Twitter Chat in April, where we’ll be talking about perfecting your portfolio. If you like reading tweets, be sure to follow Creative Circle on Twitter. Until next time, keep living creative!