The Thank You Note: How to bring your interest full circle

At Creative Circle, we have a great relationship with our clients and make sure that we keep in touch. We not only continue conversations about the creative industries over phone and email, but also in person. That’s of course, how it comes up that a team needs a hand from one of our talented candidates.

Then what happens? Well, eventually, just like we meet you and the client, we hope that they’ll also be able to meet you in an in-person interview. How do you ensure that you are remembered and your meeting is not forgotten?

A thank you note!

We mastered the art of verbal storytelling long ago but for centuries, our ancestors also passed along thank you notes; all the way back to Ancient Egyptian days to the Renaissance in Europe, the written word was utilized. Finally, a German gent named Louis Prang brought the greeting card to the U.S. in the 1850s. We still use it today! And no, not just when we realize Mother’s Day is coming up (but really, you guys, it’s this Sunday, go buy your mom a card). When we want to make an impression, we’ll send along a thank you note.

When working through a staffing agency, sending a “thank you” is a detail that may pass your mind. After all, you’ve got so much to think about when preparing to present yourself for a role. And while we do love representing you to our clients, it’s important to remember that we work as a team, and thank you notes are an especially great way for you to follow up an interview.

By taking the time to write a thank you note, you:

1. Reiterate Your Interest

Sure, by showing up and talking to the client about your past experience and how you hope it will all culminate to make you a perfect fit for the role, it never hurts to give a little postal nudge post meeting to show your interest, whether it’s via email or snail mail (yes, all, the USPS is alive and well).

2. Demonstrate Your Tenacity

Writing a thank you note on LinkedIn or via email is always a great idea and it shows that not only are you willing to reiterate your interest, but it also gives you a chance to mention a particular part of the interview you enjoyed. Go the extra mile, if you’d like, and ask us to forward along a hand-written note.

3. Get to Demonstrate Your Creativity

Writing your own thank you note gives you the opportunity to use your craft. If you’re a designer, use your own choice of color, typeface, or iconography (via email, make it into a file and attach it). If you’re a copywriter, use your own particular language and make it uniquely you. Get creative with it and make your note stand out from other generic versions that may be printed by defining your brand.


Candidates can, and have, sent us here at Creative Circle a thank you note and while it’s not something we expect every time we meet someone, it’s certainly appreciated and helps demonstrate the three points above for us as it would any client we’re representing you to.

In the end, sending a thank you note to someone for their time shows consideration for others, which is something that even in this day in age when we mostly collaborate via text and email, goes a long way. Not only does sending a thank you note ensure that you’re not forgotten, but that you’re remembered amongst others who are also in the running for an opportunity. And no matter what work you’ve done on your brand at this point, that’s always a factor that’ll make you stand out.

Good luck, and you’re welcome (wink).

Allison is a former Creative Circle Account Executive, with a background in creative writing, content writing/strategy, publishing, and business development. Her world revolves around words and the relationships and interactions they inspire. Allison is now the Content Specialist at Raizlabs, a design and development firm in Boston and San Francisco.