Here’s How You Get to the Next Level in Your Company

How do you move up in a company where there are likely other people looking to move up as well? It’s easy to come up with reasons to not pursue a better position. You may not be comfortable approaching management. You may think that you haven’t been at your company long enough, or you think you won’t be able to move up because of all the employees who have been with the company longer and aren’t going anywhere.

If you like the company and you’re ready to move up the ladder, here are ways you can make it known you want to move up and contribute more to your company’s success – and, of course, make more money.

1. Speak up.

The first thing to do is to tell your employer that you want to move up. An email or conversation in a positive tone is a good start. Someone who is excited about the company and where it will go is always a plus. You want to show them what you have to offer and you want them to know you can contribute to the company’s goals. You can also point out how you can solve existing problems no one else currently takes on.

Set up an appointment to let them know you are interested and want to be part of the company’s future. Listen to their expectations and what their thoughts are on the company’s goals because it might surprise you and give you an additional idea that pushes you forward.

2. Know yourself.

Be honest and accountable for your words and actions at work. Learn what your weaknesses are in the workplace and grow from them. If there is a certain skill that you lack, work on improving it. Moving up in the company almost always means taking on more responsibility, so you should also prove that you can handle every obstacle that may be thrown your way.

3. Know your company.

In addition, be supportive of your superiors and the company’s mission. Do the work required to give yourself the reputation of being a team player and ready to help. There’s not much more that will be noticed on the job than being helpful and assisting others in solving problems. Usually, helping requires you to be observant and know when assistance is needed. Being kind and generous with your time works out well on the job and in life, too.

4. Seek a challenge.

If you know there are tasks that are more challenging, step in and make a difference. If the work is beyond your current knowledge, then ask for training. Take advantage of every opportunity to become more knowledgeable about your job and your industry. Take part when your company offers training and also – especially if you’re in a career that you want to remain in – stay on top of the latest news, technology and trends. You don’t need to learn only in the workplace.

Also, be willing to take on tasks that no one else will or even ones that you may not want to do. Willingness to do unpopular tasks usually doesn’t go unnoticed. Remember, an employee who shows interest and is easy to manage will always be in a better position to move up.

Moving into a better position requires work and mindfulness. You have to take it upon yourself to get where you want to be, and it is all about being proactive in the workplace. So, tell your bosses you want to make a plan of action. If you don’t take chances and put in the hard work, someone else will.

Krista is a Creative Circle candidate, creative writer and content creator in Los Angeles. Her background includes news, marketing, copywriting and editing. If you are interested in working with Krista, please contact Creative Circle LA.