Opening Thoughts From a Summer Back Home

My name is Evan. I’m a 20 year old college student, was born and raised in Los Angeles, and have been shaped in innumerable ways by its creative community. I’m majoring in digital media and minoring in art history. I’ve dreamed of working in the music industry since my early experiences at punk shows during my teenage years, and am currently interning at an online music magazine and ticketing platform, along with my marketing internship at Creative Circle.

Sophomore year has concluded, and I’m now firmly within summer’s tail end, which means that the usual anxieties related to my (relatively) near future have begun to creep in. How will I approach my academic growth next semester? Will my courses bring me closer in any tangible way to realizing my ultimate goals? Will I have yet another set of dorm suitemates who prioritize their gym routines over practicing adult hygiene habits? All par for the course as an incoming junior.

Not all has been marred with increasing dread, of course. For two years, I’ve maintained a better GPA than I ever had in a single high school year. I just finished my first semester as a radio DJ on KSPC 88.7, a dream since I was young. And most importantly, in May, I landed an internship at a music magazine I’ve been reading religiously for years. Over the course of the summer, I will be using my digital media major, past experience with social, and passion for music to test the waters and sift through what this industry’s all about.

Just like so many of my peers, this kind of mental push and pull defines the college experience as a whole. It’s hard to even imagine someone without the constants of a single living space or standardized routine also command a clear headspace. Like many others with the privilege and resources to complete an undergraduate education at a liberal arts college, however, I’m still pushing forward in spite of it all.

As expected, the post-high school journey here has been one marked with a tenuous relationship with sleep, assignment due dates that seem to loom larger than life itself, and a perpetual fear of the inevitable internship search and subsequent cycle of networking pleasantries. As I navigate the market amongst other interns and forge potentially long-term industry connections, I’ll be weighing my interest in digital media and the larger creative industry for the long haul. Before I head back to take on my third year at school and look onward into my latter half of higher education, I’ll be sharing a few insights I’ve gained throughout the journey thus far.

  • A brief overview of my journey through different major considerations before deciding finally on digital media
  • Fears I still have in terms of networking/securing a real job in an increasingly unstable market
  • What digital means to me and why I think it’s so important to the next generation of creatives
  • Takeaways from my liberal arts curriculum in general
  • My experience in the L.A. creative community
  • My case for art history courses among college students considering creative industries

I hope that my experiences will ring true with others in the same boat, and that readers will feel inspired to start an open dialogue around any issues relevant to the larger community of interns, recent graduates, or students still working their way through the system. Feel free to start adding your thoughts about any of the above in the comments. I’ll check in again soon.