How to Adult: A Twitter Chat on Getting from College to Career

After 12+ years of heading back to school each fall, it can be hard to muster up the energy for another year of classes. College is even harder because you have to manage a bigger load of academic work while also juggling meals, housing, and having the best time of your life. To expect a career at the end of it? Insane.
But it doesn’t have to be that way! Creative Circle and Artrepreneur want to help college students succeed at school AND plan for their creative careers. That’s why we made these College Resource Guides, which break down your freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years into easy-to-follow tips for success.
We also reached out to our Twitter audiences for their college survival pointers. Check out the best tweets from our most recent #LiveCreativeChat with Artrepreneur, and be sure to tune in the third Wednesday of every month for a new topic!


Question 1: School, sleep, social life… Pick 2. Just kidding — how are you managing all three?

Coffee! But seriously, time management is the key to staying on top of everything college has to offer.

Our No. 1 tip? Don’t stress! The less time you spend stressing, the more time you’ll spend on school, sleep and a social life. We know it’s not easy, but our new College Resource Guides have tips and tricks that will help.


Question 2: What job search platforms are helping you kick-start your career?

LinkedIn should be at the top of the list. Perfect your profile, scope out management for mutual connections, and easily apply. Looking beyond the platform? We’ve got tips in the Senior Year section of our new College Resource Guides.


Question 3: How are you making the most out of career services at your school?

Take advantage of the career development help while you still can! Try biweekly visits and a resume overhaul to start. If you’ve recently graduated and don’t have access to those resources, you can check out our College Resource Guides for free, right now!


Question 4: No more college means no more dining hall. What meals have you mastered for post-grad life?

Pasta is our go-to, but sorry, that doesn’t include instant ramen. Make it a meal with protein and sautéed veggies! Still not ready to take the leap (into the kitchen)? No shame in frozen meals. Just find the right option for you.


Question 5: How do you plan on keeping up with your favorite professors and mentors after college?

Treat your network like it’s a plant: Water it every once in a while. In this case, take it out for coffee. And talking to it won’t hurt, either — networks love that carbon dioxide.


Question 6: What are you doing to extend your extracurricular work beyond your college years?

Always hold onto your “personality projects.” Food blogging? Dog walking? Own it. The more you keep up with extracurriculars, the more exciting they will get — and the more unique they make you.

Still looking for ways to prepare for your creative career?

Check out our College Resource Guides for an in-depth review of what you can do each year of college to make the most of your education.

Ready to start applying to jobs?

Head over to Artrepreneur to start your creative portfolio, and be sure to check out our other Resource Guides for tips on improving your resume, portfolio and interview skills.