Celebrating Your Accomplishments

Happy birthday, #LiveCreativeChat!

It’s been a fun year of Twitter chats, so we wanted to ring in our first anniversary with a celebration. After all, what’s the good of working if you don’t give yourself the chance to step back and appreciate what you’ve done?

To help us impart the wisdom of a little self-love, we asked professional creative and host of the Creative Pep Talk podcast, Andy J. Miller (@andyjpizza), to join us.

Check out what it takes to feel accomplished in your work — and what you can do to keep feeling that way.

Question 1: Throughout the summer, which of your goals have you accomplished?

We’re proud to have made it to the one year anniversary of our Twitter Chat, which ended with the #LiveCreativeChat Summer Series! And as a company, every candidate placed is a goal accomplished. It’s why we love coming to work!


Question 2: What are your goals for the upcoming year?

We’d love to bring you more guest hosts like @andyjpizza and keep helping the creative community. We’re also launching new resource guides and a new section on Our Notebook! Stay tuned here, and be sure to check out our resource guides.


Q3: What are some of your most effective strategies to accomplishing your goals?

We put our goals on sticky notes and screensavers — the constant reminders keep us on track. We also like to set a goal date and build a timeline from there. It’s the only way to keep the Twitter Chat running!


Q4: How do you manage/keep track of your goals? What are good planning methods?

Break down your goals into parts and start chipping away — a little goes a long way! Keep in mind that achieving goals takes time. Making reasonable timelines and checklists helps you feel productive and keeps discouragement at bay.


Question 5: How do you involve your creativity when accomplishing everyday business tasks?

First things first: Know your brand. Generating creativity from there will be natural! The same is true for doing what you love. If you’re enjoying what you’re doing every step of the way, your creativity will find a way to express itself.


Question 6: What is a word of advice you would give to someone who is struggling to accomplish their allotted task?

You can always step away from your to-do list for a moment. Take a breath, collect yourself and get back to it! If things aren’t coming together, go out and seek inspiration. Blocks happen — check out Our Notebook for articles and resources that can help.

And so begins our second year of the #LiveCreativeChat. We’ve come a long way and we don’t plan on stopping.

If you can’t wait, check out our Resource Guides to improve your resume, portfolio, and interviewing skills.