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Freelance Benefits

Creative Circle offers a variety of benefits to our Freelance Employees. Click here for more information. 

Sick Leave Policy

Creative Circle provides sick leave to Candidates whose assignment work location is in a state or city subject to sick leave laws. Please see the Sick Leave Guidelines section below for a list of locations where these laws are in effect. Creative Circle tracks and maintains records of accrued sick leave as legally required.

If you are covered under sick leave legislation, you can log into the Creative Circle Timecard Portal to see how much sick leave you have accrued (if any). Just go to the My Data tab and look for your “Sick Time Balance”. Although you may begin to accrue and view sick leave as soon as you’re on an assignment, sick leave may not be used until the 90th calendar day after your start date with Creative Circle.

The following applies to sick leave:

  • Sick leave cannot be claimed for the same hours that are claimed as regular working hours.
  • As with all timecards, sick leave requests should be turned in promptly. Requests for sick leave that are submitted more than 21 days after the actual date(s) of the sick leave will be denied.
  • Unused paid sick leave will not be paid out upon termination of an assignment.
  • If you are rehired within 12 months of the date of your last assignment, any previously accrued but unused paid sick leave will be reinstated.
  • Creative Circle may require reasonable documentation of the reason for requesting sick leave lasting three or more consecutive days.

Questions regarding sick leave can be sent to

Sick Leave Guidelines


Workers' Comp Info

What to do if you are injured at work

For a life-threatening emergency call 911.

All injuries or illnesses you believe to be work-related must be reported immediately, even if it appears no medical attention is required.

  • Call 800.800.5003 to report your injury.
  • Identify yourself as a Creative Circle employee (not the client), a division of On Assignment headquartered in Calabasas, CA.
  • You will be given treatment instructions by a registered nurse on the line.
  • Be sure to keep all paperwork from any medical visits.

After reporting your injury:

Once the injury is reported, a Workers' Comp Representative from On Assignment will follow up with you. When you are able, call your Recruiter/HR and let them know your status.

Download a PDF of the Workers' Comp Information